About the author

MacDonald is a Scottish born veteran of newspapers and broadcasting. People say (rightly) that he has a great face for radio. He is currently based in Dubai as a freelance hack, also presenting the weekly Talking of Books programme on Dubai Eye FM 103.8. Graham Linscott, an old newspaper mate from South Africa days and a fellow columnist, is minding the business end of the shop (keyboard?) while MacD goes walkabout.


3 thoughts on “About the author”

  1. Is MacDonald actually left AUE for NZ yet ? The Moaris are really excited about his arrival to their shores ! NOT!!!


  2. Erik Borthwick said:

    You’re bad news MacDonald ! You’ve even jinxed the all blacks !

    Go and find a witch doctor to break the curse .And while you’re over there get yersel a tattoo or two too as a souvenir.

    Alliteration rules Ya Bass ! McTooth


  3. Chris Rankin said:

    This is Chris Rankin from Kentucky. Met John and Linda in Dubai. (and Graham) lost contact along the way. Hope Everyone is well and would love to reestablish lines of communication.


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